Monday, November 5, 2012

Too many pictures...

I thought I had given up on blogging because with all the other ways to post pictures these days this was just taking up too much time, but I realized I want the girls to be able to look back at the blog and see all the things we have I'm back at it. And since I haven't blogged since like June or something, there are tons of pictures on this post! We've had a great past few months, we've gone on lots of trips, sent Ethan on a mission to Korea, and celebrated my mama's 50th birthday! I mean her 30th! ; )'s our summer and fall so far!

On Pioneer Day we decided to go on a hike...this day we discovered just how tough our girls really are. What we thought was going to be a nice family hike turned into 3 hours of wondering if we'd ever make it home alive! It was a good experience and we actually did have fun, but we won't be doing that hike again soon : )
  We went to Colorado a couple times for a family reunion and Ethan's farewell. The slip n' slide we made out of painter's plastic was all the rage this summer. My dad even got in on the fun
 I love this picture!! They're not related or anything

 The Squidge turned 19 so we celebrated his birthday at our favorite place to eat, Mimi's Cafe. 
 We got to go boating and we had a blast! Boating is my favorite summer activity ever! I forgot to post this picture but Bridget went wakeboarding! She had help but she did it! It's a good thing I wasn't on the boat because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have let her go

 Jake went camping one night so me and the girls rented a movie and had lots of fun painting nails and eating pizza
 Ethan left on his mission for Korea!! We're so so proud of him and we miss him so much! I'm so glad I got to be here to say goodbye to him because when Bennett left, Jake and I had already moved to Japan. I love having a brother on a mission.
 Our big trip for the summer was going to Lake Tahoe with Jake's family to see Jake's sister Ashley and her family. We had a great time! There was so much to do and it was beautiful. We did lots of swimming, hiking,  and sightseeing. Bridget and Hadley had a great time with their cousins Soren, Svea, and Liv.

 This is like my favorite picture ever! The girls love each other so much! 

 My dad came out to Utah for work so he got to spend sometime with us at our house. Bennett came too and we had an awesome weekend!

 The boys played a game where one person would throw the frisbee and the other guys would slide and try to catch it...

 We went to see Brave outside with our friends Brian and Amber and their kids...since this picture they've added one more kid to the bunch, little baby cute!

 I took the girls to the zoo with some friends, this warmer fall weather has been awesome!
 We had my cousins Joslin and Dusty and their kids over for Halloween and had an awesome time! Bridget and Hadley were clowns this year, of course Hadley would only wear half her costume though : )

 We were so lucky to be able to go to Colorado to throw my mom a birthday party! We invited all her friends and family and had the party at one of the funeral homes. It turned out great and it was so fun to see how many people love my mom. She's an amazing woman and I love her so much!

 The only thing that could have made it better would have been to have Ethan there, but he's where he should be : )

Monday, June 25, 2012

Picture Overload

I love summer time! So much! Why does it ever have to end!? Last weekend we had a fun Friday Family night...we went to the Syracuse Fun Center and let the girls jump for a while, they love this, as you can tell by the cheezer!

 After jumping we came home and watched a movie together

 Allie came over with her 2 cuties and we soaked up some rays while the kids played in the yard, so relaxing!
 Later that night we all went over to Brian and Amber's pool and had pizza and swam, it was such a blast!

 We got a piano! I'm so excited!! I really want to start teaching again so I'm very happy about this
 Ethan is leaving for his mission in August so my parents flew him out so we could spend some time with him, Bennett came up to and we had a great time. We ate tons of food, watched good movies, and spent lots of time enjoying the 100 degree weather. We went to Antelope Island and floated in the Great Salt Lake, stinky but cool! There's so much salt in the water it makes it really easy to float in : )

 After we got home from the lake, we turned the yard in to a water park : ) it was so fun! we filled up the "pool," built a slip n slide, and made a water blob. Seriously awesome!

 I saw this water blob idea on pinterest, of course, and it actually worked pretty well! You can totally just lay there and float on it! The girls were having fun rolling around and flipping on it. 

From this!

From this!
Last April I had long blond hair and I could see my hip bones, and in less than 365 days I now have short dark hair and can't even see my feet let alone hip bones!

Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaur Bones
When my mom was pregnant with my little brother Ethan, she showed us the ultrasound picture and my other little brother Bennett was pretty certain it was a picture of dinosaur bones. So here she is, our cute pile of dinosaur bones!! Hopefully she's as cute in real life as she is here!

The best money we ever spent!

The best money we ever spent!
It's been really fun buying stuff for the baby on the way, Jake has especially had fun setting up all the new gadgets that bounce, swing, and sing! We have no room left in our tiny one room apartment but it's all worth it! I'm just hoping she really is a girl because I don't know what we'll do with all this pink stuff if she turns out to be a boy!

Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake
On February 14th my mom, grandma, and sister threw me an awesome baby shower back home in Colorado. It was kind of ironic that the same weekend last year they were throwing me a bridal shower. Anyway, my mom and sister Meredith made me the cutest diaper cake I've ever seen!!

A lovely little sinus infection...

A lovely little sinus infection...
So despite all the other wierd little things that go wrong with me, I never get sick! But for some reason when I went home to Colorado, I got the worst sinus infection I've had in so long! Being pregnant I can't take any medication so I had to resort to..well just take a look!