Saturday, March 24, 2012

A little bit of EVERYTHING!

So please don't think that I'm self centered enough to think that you all want to look at these
50 + pictures, I'm doing this more for myself and I realized I haven't blogged since Halloween! So yes, there are over 50 pictures in this post going all the way back to November. : ) oops!

The girls and I just got back from a really fun trip to Colorado. Although the flights there and back were not so fun...the day we left I went to the doctor and found out I had bronchitis so needless to say, flying alone with 2 kids and being sick wasn't that great. : ) On the flight back, our plane came to an abrupt stop as it was taking off, throwing everyone forward, and causing the girl behind us to scream for her life. Luckily my brothers were with me this time otherwise I really don't think I would have made it. We had to get off the plane and wait for it to be fixed. Then the flight was so bumpy I had to use Bennett's barf bag. : ) But it was a great trip! We got to see Meredith as a featured dancer in the musical Beauty and the Beast. It was wonderful! They had all the little girls dress up and take pictures with the cast, Bridget was in heaven, even though she doesn't look like it in these pictures!

I told ya this was a little bit of are some pictures from Valentine's Day. Jake had late Master's classes so we had a nice night at home. Bridget and I had fun decorating and making dessert for Jake

(Did I strategically put the flowers Jake got me in the corner of the picture so you would all see them? No. But isn't he great!?) ; )

My sweet little cousin Reagan came and stayed for a few days while her parents went on a trip. We had so much fun with Gigs!

We went to Union Station with our great friends, Brian and Amber and their cute twins, Austin and Brighton

Bridget is obsessed with princesses so she rarely is dressed in actual clothes, just dresses. She now refers to Jake as Papa from Beauty and the Beast and she is Princess Moo Moo (She calls Meredith Moo Moo, and she thinks Mer is Belle...make sense?) : )
When she's not a princess, she's Justin Bieber. Anything is a microphone and her outfit is not complete without her purple boots to match him

She had her first dentist appointment a few months ago and did great!

My family came out for New Year's and we spent a few nights in Salt Lake
I love this picture because Jake is playing his harmonica the girls got him for Christmas and he was joking around saying he was going to play on the street for money, right then we walked by a homeless man playing a harmonica : )

Mer got the girls cute matching hats and gloves
Christmas Day
We spent Christmas with Jake's family this year. We had a lot of fun! We all got spoiled!

Santa and Mrs. Claus stopped by on Christmas Eve!
We got to go the the annual Sorensen Family Christmas Party down in Payson, it's seriously my favorite thing to do! We go on a hay ride and hand out gifts to the neighbors. The whole family (which is huge) can fit on the trailer and there's a giant snowman and Christmas music playing! So fun!

We also got to go with Jake's family up to Preston, ID and cut down the Christmas tree! We spent the rest of this day with Grandpa and Grandma Meek. Jake and I discovered we're Jenga experts. : )

Me and Hads waited in the car while the family cut down the tree, we felt like staying warm that day : )

Bridget had a blast and did awesome! She's such a trooper

Sometimes she likes to wear goggles when she reads really long chapter books???

Jake's homemade saddle-a boppy pillow, rope, and a booster seat...
Bridget's first real haircut...thanks Leann!

Bridget had fun helping Grandma Sorensen clean the yard
My parents turned old! Look at all them candles!

From this!

From this!
Last April I had long blond hair and I could see my hip bones, and in less than 365 days I now have short dark hair and can't even see my feet let alone hip bones!

Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaur Bones
When my mom was pregnant with my little brother Ethan, she showed us the ultrasound picture and my other little brother Bennett was pretty certain it was a picture of dinosaur bones. So here she is, our cute pile of dinosaur bones!! Hopefully she's as cute in real life as she is here!

The best money we ever spent!

The best money we ever spent!
It's been really fun buying stuff for the baby on the way, Jake has especially had fun setting up all the new gadgets that bounce, swing, and sing! We have no room left in our tiny one room apartment but it's all worth it! I'm just hoping she really is a girl because I don't know what we'll do with all this pink stuff if she turns out to be a boy!

Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake
On February 14th my mom, grandma, and sister threw me an awesome baby shower back home in Colorado. It was kind of ironic that the same weekend last year they were throwing me a bridal shower. Anyway, my mom and sister Meredith made me the cutest diaper cake I've ever seen!!

A lovely little sinus infection...

A lovely little sinus infection...
So despite all the other wierd little things that go wrong with me, I never get sick! But for some reason when I went home to Colorado, I got the worst sinus infection I've had in so long! Being pregnant I can't take any medication so I had to resort to..well just take a look!