Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Times!

We've been able to do lots of fun things the past few weeks! Jake and the girls got to come to our mutual activity Tuesday night which was going to the Raptors baseball game. Bridget was cheering, clapping, and really getting in to it! Even though you can't tell from this picture :)

Sunday we took Bridget to the park to get some energy out after a
late nap...darn that 1:00 church!
Last weekend Jake surprised me with a trip to Park City! We stayed at the Westgate Resort
and had a great time! Our friends Brian and Amber came with us and brought their twins, Austin and Brighton...we love them! Friday night we swam, ate pizza, and played Just Dance on the Wii. They had to leave that night so the next day Jake, the girls and I hit the outlets for some shopping! Whoo hoo! At 2 years old, Bridget is way too experienced at shopping!

Our great friends Curt and Allison were in town from Switzerland so Jake and Bridget got to go spend a few hours with them. I was super bummed I couldn't go because I had a bad cold. They are expecting a little girl here soon!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So if you ever wonder why I never blog, it's because it takes my dang computer an hour to load all the pictures!! ugh! so frustrating! So once again, here's just a bunch of random pictures taken over the last couple months.

Forbes Family Reunion in Bountiful

Lagoon with my family, Bridget loved the rides!

We went to Idaho to visit my aunt and uncle for the
fourth of July. We had a great time! Thanks guys!

The very classy Nickelcade with Jos, Dusty, and Eeds
Swimming with Amber, and the cutest twins ever..Austin and Brighton

This is how Bridget takes naps on Saturdays, in the backpack while
Jake mows the lawn : )
My cute little brother graduated!! I'm so proud of him and
how hard he has worked. He even gave the graduation speech!

From this!

From this!
Last April I had long blond hair and I could see my hip bones, and in less than 365 days I now have short dark hair and can't even see my feet let alone hip bones!

Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaur Bones
When my mom was pregnant with my little brother Ethan, she showed us the ultrasound picture and my other little brother Bennett was pretty certain it was a picture of dinosaur bones. So here she is, our cute pile of dinosaur bones!! Hopefully she's as cute in real life as she is here!

The best money we ever spent!

The best money we ever spent!
It's been really fun buying stuff for the baby on the way, Jake has especially had fun setting up all the new gadgets that bounce, swing, and sing! We have no room left in our tiny one room apartment but it's all worth it! I'm just hoping she really is a girl because I don't know what we'll do with all this pink stuff if she turns out to be a boy!

Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake
On February 14th my mom, grandma, and sister threw me an awesome baby shower back home in Colorado. It was kind of ironic that the same weekend last year they were throwing me a bridal shower. Anyway, my mom and sister Meredith made me the cutest diaper cake I've ever seen!!

A lovely little sinus infection...

A lovely little sinus infection...
So despite all the other wierd little things that go wrong with me, I never get sick! But for some reason when I went home to Colorado, I got the worst sinus infection I've had in so long! Being pregnant I can't take any medication so I had to resort to..well just take a look!